Up next on the blog…

Soon I will get to posting what I actually intend to post on the blog but I want to take a few posts to get set up.

I am planning to have 7 different tabs. The first one is the HOME page which will show case my latest blog post so you’ll always know what new craziness i’m up to.

The second tab is the ABOUT me page which I already filled out. This is to help my followers get to know me and those closest to me who will be featured on the blog!

The third tab is my HOUSE TOUR. This is my favorite part about visiting other fellow blogs. It showcases their design style.

The fourth tab is DIY PROJECTS. This will probably be where the major of my posts end up because it’s my new favorite thing to do and with the new house my list of wants just keeps growing a.k.a. my honey do list!

The fifth tab is PARTIES because I plan on hosting all the time. Even though we have been in the house 6 months and it hasn’t happened, but we are hosting our first Easter brunch for David’s side of the family and a housewarming party and I plan to invite everyone I know!

The sixth tab is RECIPES because I do not cook at all and every time I step into the kitchen it ends up as a big adventure where I dirty every dish we own. It also makes me question how I could obtain a Bachelors’s degree and can’t confidently make one good meal.

The seventh and final tab is LIFE WITH US. This will focus on miscellaneous topics such as buying the house, creating a budget, financing a truck and adopting a kitten!

I hope you enjoy the blog in the beginning phases and when it is in full swing!! Follow our adventures on Instagram as well https: @twoheartsonehuck.


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