Taking the plunge.

Okay okay okay My day is going splendid today so I finally decided to take the plunge and actually do this whole blog thing I have been talking about it forever. I created the blog in March… and then never posted. I kept making excuses like I don’t have time, no one is going to read it anyway, I can’t think of a cool name, i’m not doing “COOL” enough things that people will want to read about but today I had an amazing day that led me to actually use this little thing I like to call my blog. I’m not going to be scared anymore I’m just going to write so here’s my one disclaimer that the grammar and punctuation will not be perfect and I’m not going to worry about editing and making it perfect I’m just gunna throw my thoughts out there like I’m actually talking to someone! So maybe you’re wondering why my day is great!?!? Well for starters I slept in until 9:30 when I woke up to my phone ringing… it was David asking if I was alive because lately I haven’t even had time to breathe so with my groggy mind and foggy voice I reassured him I was fine and had no where to be until 1pm!! I then ate cereal which is a new thing for me I’ve never been a big cereal eater even as a child but I’ve eaten it three times in the last week who knows maybe my taste buds are changing? I convinced a friend to go with me to get an oil change because for some reason I have a great fear of driving over that hole in the ground. Lol But anyways that is now off my to-do list until September when it happens again but I don’t think it will be as scary next time so maybe I won’t put it off for weeks! (Bad Bad Bad Car Parent Over Here) Must. Get. Oil. Changes. Regularly.


THENNNNNN (Here’s the best part) I GOT FOUND OUT I GOT A 90% ON MY MIDTERM!!!!!!!!! I was practically screaming with joy in the oil change line!!! I studied so hard last week. It’s nice when hardwork pays off! Not to toot my own horn too much but I was one of the top four scorers in the class. (Okay that was totally tooting but it’s my blog and I can do what I want right 😉 Scores like that hardly ever happened in undergrad but I’m loving nursing school. I feel like I found my little niche. I’m always eager to go to clinical and learn new things and see gross things!! It’s connecting with class which is helping because I’m totally a hands on learner. So I’m super optimistic about the rest of the program. 11655212_10152834776496470_1149891174_n Then I had this lab simulation at the hospital that I was super nervous for but that actually went great too. So naturally I went to Biggby to treat myself for the grand day and wrote this blog post!!! But now I should probably take David to dinner or something because I tend to be slightly grouchy when I’m stressed which I was like all last week leading up to the assignments that were due this week and that dreaded midterm.   Stay tuned for more posts I’m going to try and be more consistent so you guys will have to hold me accountable! Look for the next post next Tuesday!! Tuesdays shall be my day!!!! Next week with be something and contain a DIY project I’m starting tonight! 🙂


Happy fourth of July week!!! I hope yours is off to a great start like mine is. 🙂


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