Custom Clearance Picture Frame

 Welp gunna start this one off saying… I BROKE MY BLOG!!!!! So I just wanted to change the name but I think I created a whole new blog and now they are attached or something…? If you have a suggestions or are techy… help a sista out! I’m just gunna keep typing and hope this ends up somewhere out there on the internet and someone reads it. This blog thing is like super cool its kinda like writing in a diary or something but eventually I hope it helps someone out by teaching them a DIY or give life advice i don’t know. You’ll learn too if you keep reading along i’m totally a babbler so i’ll get to the point and reveal my super duper ever so cheap awesomely quick DIY as promised today! BRACE YOURSELF…. it’s a picture frame!!! Um yup bet you gathered that already. I haven’t decided where to put it yet but I’m totally in love with it. This was my first time distressing something. I wanted to start small but eventually I want to paint and distress a giant hutch that lives in our living room. Anyways getting to the point I found this super cute little watercolor piece at Liz Marie’s booth inside the Painted Farmgirl near Grand Rapids (I know this is the part where I put the link up so you can find her… but I don’t know how so click on my instagram and she’s tagged) I swear I’ll figure this out someday!!! Her friend actually painted it and I wanted something in the house that said “Our Nest” I was looking for a pillow until I found this and knew I had to take it home!! I shopped around for the perfect frame but I just couldn’t find it. I wanted a simple black frame maybe with a matte but nothing looked right. I even bought this super cute frame that had black and burlap but it wasn’t the right fit then I tried a baby blue frame that had chicken wire on it that was distressed but it still wasn’t quite right.


One day I was shopping at TJ Maxx my absolute favorite store and I was getting frustrated I couldn’t find a frame that was until I was browsing the clearance section and stumbled across similar to what I had in mind except it wasn’t distressed it was just banged up and marked down toooooo TWO DOLLARS!!! In my head I thought, “SCORE I get to test out distressing and i’ll have a super cute frame for cheap orrr I’ll only waste two bucks if I screw it up. So I bought it, rushed home put the sign in it and told myself I had a winner it just needed some TLC. I was nervous to mess it up though so it sat on the shelf untouched with the price tag on it for a couple weeks until tonight when I finally decided to go for it and i’m loving how it turned out!!! I just sanded it across one direction and then the other direction so it created an design all the way down then I wiped it down with a wet paper towel to determine where I needed to sand a little rougher but I thought it was missing a little something so I went to the drawer and found a piece of white chalk I scraped chalk over the whole thing and then wiped some in and some off with my fingertips and boom a super cute and cheap DIY that my sign can live in now I just have to find it a permanent place in the house!!


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my babbles and my first distressing project more to come until next time!!

Love Joc 🙂


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