Sink Epoxy Finish In Guest Bath

Twenty three weeks ago while David was at work I was preparing for our house warming party (that happened back in June). I wanted to spruce up the downstairs bathroom because that’s the one our guests would be using. It didn’t need much work the vanity looked new and white but the sink was an outdated yellow marble design with rust and lots of grime.


That’s when I discovered epoxy! I got in the car and drove to Lowe’s bought this stuff πŸ‘‡. Then patiently waited at the door for David to get home. 


Okay that’s a lie I’m not patient at all πŸ™ˆ I read the directions and set up the garage where I was going to paint it so he could carry it out as soon as he got home! I even called him and asked how to unhook the facet but he told me to wait. πŸ˜’ By the time he got home a few hours later I was jumping with joy. He unhooked the facet and then it was dark… So I decided to paint it in the morning! 

The next morning was really cold so… I couldn’t paint it. The directions say it needs to be 72 degrees F and needs to dry in those conditions for 72 hours. 

I started nursing school the next week and never got around painting the sink. Our guest had to use hand sanitizer and then wash their hands in the kitchen sink. Ew! My bad. If I would have left it alone in the first place at least we would have had running water in the bathroom! David couldn’t even put the old fixture back on because it was rusty and broke when he unhooked it. 


Here we are months later though and we have a crispy white clean sink!!! 


The product was very easy to use and the process was very quick! All I had to do was scrub the sink with a special cleaner that came with the paint and then rough the surface slightly with steel wool also provided. I repeated this process three times. After the surface was completely dry I sprayed the first coat on the sink. 


It had nice coverage but it was the second coat that really transformed the sink! It turned out even better than I thought! I’m so happy I decided to paint the sink instead of buying a new one. 


Of course David had dirty hands when he reinstalled the sink so I’ve also cleaned it a few times and it cleans up quite nicely! 

The only problem I had was the paint can tended to drop after a few swipes so I kept paper towel with me and wiped the nozzle frequently!


All in all I’m very happy with my choice and happy we ones again have running water in the guest bathroom sink!! ☺️

Here’s some more photos through the process!  



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