Crock styling-Fall edition

Hey friends, happy Friday!!!!


I decided to drop by the blog and give a few tips to how I styled my crock today!! It’s been sitting empty in the living room since August and it’s now October… It sounds silly but I have honestly been so scared to style it. I was afraid I would ruin how much I already loved. Some things are hard to put into words I already feel like I sound dumb but bear with me and hear me out.  

David and I were on our way home from camping way back in July. I convinced him to stop at my favorite antique store which is about 45 minutes from our house and way out of the way from where we were. But with a few “please babes” and extra sweet smiles sent his way we were on the road to happiness!! 

Once we were there I spotted this crock waiting right outside for me to come along and pick it up! 😍😍 I immediately went over to it to check the price! I couldn’t find it… I walked through the rest of the store which is like four giant rooms and two outdoor sections so it took me awhile all with the crock on my mind. He got a knife and a mug so it wasn’t a wasted trip but I kept going back to that crock. I just had to have it. I had been admiring other people’s crocks in photos but never really wanted one until I laid eyes on this giant beauty. I had never seen one so big!!!! It’s also extra heavy so when I asked David to pick it up to see if the price was on the bottom I definitely got an eye roll but he did and still no price tag… I asked the front desk and they tried to get ahold of the vendor but she didn’t answer. We waited like 20 minutes and I think they called her 20 times opps sorry miss! 

They couldn’t give us a price so for the first time in my life I walked away from the antique store with nothing! 

For the next week I talked about how that was the coolest crock I had ever seen, how I’d never find another like it, and how I would regret not having it for the rest of my life! (Yes I’m a bit dramatic.)  

But a couple weeks later, the day before my birthday David called while I was on my way home from school. He said he was really sorry but he wasn’t gunna be able to get out of work in time to pick up my birthday present and asked if I would pick it up. I said, “sure where is it?” And he said drive to your favorite antique store and tell them you’re there to pick up the crock that’s prepaid for under the name Dave. I was screaming with excitement how he was the best thing ever and I was so lucky and I loved him soooo much! Then I think I drove 100 mph to the store and manhandled the giant thing into my car before anyone else could even think about touching it.

Then David meet me in Frankemuth a cute little German town and we had dinner and walked hand in hand. I was in scrubs and he was in dirty work clothes but it was pure perfection and probably my favorite birthday ever. But blah blah you’re not here to hear about my love life so back to the crock! 
David carried it in and sat in the living room and I stared at it all googlely eyed so happy it was mine! Then it continued to sit there all empty and lonely for two months because I was afraid I would make it ugly and I wouldn’t have butterflies of happiness every time I looked at it anymore.

Today I finally bit the bullet and decided to play around with it! First, I stuffed it with two pillows. )It’s great for storage!)

Then I draped a new plaid scarf I just picked up at target on Tuesday over the pillows to look like a blanket because I don’t have any cute fall colored ones. (Maybe I should shop more! 😉) Then I ran into the same problem when I wanted to put a fall pillow in the crock so I wrapped a pillow I already had in my green sweater that was laying on the couch. Then I topped the whole thing off with a big white pumpkin I picked up at Home Goods a few weeks back. It still was missing something so I added a couple real multicolored pumpkins from a farmers stand down the road a few days ago and ta-da the crock is all ready for fall and I’m loving it! It was silly to wait this long.

I also added a new fall scented candle and some s’mores fixings on the floor for easy access to head to the bonfire!! And a few more pumpkins because… Well I’m obsessed this year! Last year we were just moving in at this time so I was focused on getting actually stuff moved in like the bed and dresser and I didn’t play around with fall decor much but it just might be my favorite season to decorate!  


Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

XX Jocelyn ☺️


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