I started a bullet journal!

It’s November 1st!!! While everyone else is busy decking the halls today I was busy making a bullet journal. A bullet journal you ask “what is that?” Well up until Sunday I didn’t know what it was either. I was scrolling through Pinterest when I stumbled upon a picture of this little journal with pretty calligraphy writing. I was intrigued so I clicked on the photo and learned it’s like a planner except you make your own and you can include anything you want!

As most of you know I finished nursing school a month ago from tomorrow! All through school I religiously used my planner, but lately it just hasn’t been working for me. I don’t have a ton of deadlines or a ton of places to be all in the same day. I actually have felt like a bum the last month. I finished up an online class, interviewed for a job, and got the job! Now we are just waiting on paperwork and logistics like a background check and all that jazz. So October wasn’t a flop but it sure felt like it. I have always had a million things going on like sports, school, a job, a boyfriend. Lately, I’ve just been cleaning my house, drinking coffee, watching Netflix, and cooking dinner. Yesterday I decided to stop being a bum and study for the NCLEX.

That brings me back to this bullet journal. They recommend you get a journal with dots in it and special writing utensils. I just used a blank journal I had laying around that I paid two bucks for and a ball point pen I found at the bottom of my backpack. I jotted down some pages I wanted to make and started getting creative.

I’m going to make:

  1. A Key/ Index
  2. All Months
  3. Month of November
  4. Gratitude Page
  5. Goals
  6. November Tracker
  7. Blog/ Project Ideas
  8. Workout Page

So far I’ve only made the goals page and the tracker page. I was most excited about the daily tracker page. On this page you pick some daily tasks you want to focus on getting accomplished then you simply fill in the box each day one the task is completed. It will help you track your progress. Hence the word tracker! I’ll be sure to share more as I go along and how well I like it!

XO Joc!! 


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