Wintery Master Bedroom 

I got a burst of energy and decided to pull more Christmas decor out on Saturday! What in the world was I thinking?! That just means I have more to put away. But I’ve decided this is my winter bedroom and it will probably stick around through all of January too! 

Back when I got this flocked tree from Walmart I was thrilled with the 30 dollar price tag so instead of grabbing one tree and keeping my money… I decided to buy two! I really had no plan for the other tree I was just excited about the price and thought I needed two! I thought about putting the other tree up in the opposite corner of our dining room but we are hosting Christmas this year and I didn’t want to take up anymore space in the dining room. 

I did consider putting the tree in our bedroom a couple times but we didn’t have anymore lights and I didn’t want to decorate it. The tree ended up sitting in the dining for a couple weeks and then made its way down to the basement. Me being the crazy Christmas freak I am decided to pull it out a week before Christmas and just leave it as is in our bedroom by the electric fireplace David built me last year for Christmas! 

This is the first year I’ve gotten to decorate the mantle for Christmas and I’m loving it! 

For the bed I just used pillows and blankets we had but I bought these flannel sheets from target. I used the cartwheel app and purchased them while they were on sale so I only paid 16 dollars! I’m a huge fan of there flannel sheets. They are so warm and extra cute! 

Here’s the view from bed. 

With the bedroom this cozy, it makes it extra hard to get up in the morning! 

Here’s the guy who gets to use the bed the most often. I think he’s really enjoying the new look. 

I think we will have a Christmas tree in our bedroom every year from now on! 

And one last picture…. 

Me trying to enjoy some coffee on a chilly morning in my newly styled bedroom. David and Hank had other plans and decided to “keep me company” by rough housing on the bed. They are lucky I love them! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

Let me know what you think. 

Merry Christmas. 

Xo Jocelyn ❤️


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