2016 Christmas Festivities 

I didn’t take any pictures on Friday when we hosted Christmas at our house but I took two on Christmas Eve night, some on Christmas Day, and tons of Hank so I thought I would throw them up on the blog to document the 2016 Christmas festivities. (Mostly I just wanted to share a bunch of photos of Hank in his Santa suit.) 

Practicing his take offs in case santa needed an extra reindeer to help fly the sleigh! 

This poor dog is going to wear this outfit around Christmas for the rest of his life! 

These pictures were all from Christmas Eve. We spent the morning making breakfast, sipping coffee, and chatting around the table before David’s family headed off to their next destinations. In the afternoon I dressed Hank up and had a photoshoot while David rolled his eyes and felt bad for the dog! 

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my Dad to have dinner and open gifts. 

On Christmas morning we took santa paws over to my mom’s and let him run crazy to wake everyone up! David’s mom and my aunt also came over to open gifts and for breakfast! 

Then we came home to drop Hank off. He enjoyed testing out his new bed on the way home from grandma’s house. 

We snapped a couple selfies before heading out again.

Next we headed to my grandparent’s house on my dad’s side for can you guess…?! Presents and lunch! Are you sensing a pattern here. 😉 

Posing with my dad and my sister.

For our final stop we went to my grandparents house on my mom’s side for presents and dinner! 

Cuddling with mom under my new blanket with our matching coffee mugs. 

My cousin, Caitlin and I posing by the fire. We both got new throw blankets for Christmas! 

Then we finally made our way back home. My cousin, her fiancé and there two kids stayed with us. When we were younger  she would always spend Christmas night with me while her parents and brothers would stay at my grandparents because they live out of town. I love that we have carried on this tradition while growing up now I own a house and she has her very own family to bring home for the holidays. Here’s her littlest guy, Gavin he’s two, loving on Hank Christmas night. 

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our lives the past couple days. I’m sure you noticed the trend, gifts and food, on repeat but what makes this holiday so special is the people I shared it with. 90% of them weren’t pictured here but I love my family. I’m so blessed and so thankful. Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for stopping by! ❤️ 

– Jocelyn 


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