Okay so I’ll start you way back from the beginning so you can get to know me… It all started in eighth grade when I met this “cool” new girl Sarah. We instantly clicked in math class and have pretty much been inseparable since that day. We started hanging out a lot and going to her HOT OLDER brothers hockey games. Even though her brother always stunk on the way home after the games I developed a giant crush. David was the popular boy who had a different girlfriend every week; I was the girl in every club with curly hair and braces. A year later we finally got the courage to actually talk to each other and well here we are eight years later with a house, a truck and a kitten.

We’ve been through a lot over the years we have been long distance for the last four years. David is a year older than me but stuck around our hometown after high school graduation. When I graduated in 2010 I moved to Alma College to pursue a pre-med degree. During my years at college I joined a sorority, got a job as a certified nurse aide and joined various other things to keep me busy. Although it was difficult being away from David we always found time to stay connected.

Working as CNA taught me way more than anticipated which lead to me to changing my career path I am now aspiring to be a Nurse Practitioner. I am very anxious and excited to start nursing school in a month!

In the meantime, I have become a nanny for my cousin and favorite antiquing partner. She has an adorable 14 month old named Cash who loves to cuddle and run around the house like a crazy man. She also has a 14 year old who gets to hang out with us on snow days. We can’t wait for this summer to have her with us all the time and enjoy my new swimming pool!

I’m so obsessed with my house. It’s a three bedroom colonial with a pool sitting on seven acres. This leads me to my newfound love of home renovations and DIY projects. David is handy man of the house while I design and paint the projects. I am the instigator. For example, I started painting our spare bedroom the night we closed on the house after David went to work. The following week he came home to me in the bathroom with a hammer going at the drywall. I don’t know how to fix any of this, but I am willing to learn! Which has lead me to blog about our new lifestyle!


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